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New"Casper the Friendly Ghost: The Complete Collection (1945)"
commentaries by Mark Arnold (Editor of The Harveyville Fun Times), Edmee Reit (Widow of Casper Co-creator, Seymour Reit), Voice Actor, Bradley Bolke And Alison Argrim
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Includes two slimline case clamshells; one featuring two theatrical discs and the third disc in its own case features all of the "New Casper Cartoon Show" episodes.

The 20-page full-color booklet looks fantastic. Written by Mark Arnold, it is crammed with tons of information including where every episode appears in comic books, when applicable.

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Casper Complete
NewMy latest book,
"Mark Arnold Picks on the Beatles" Available Now!

Mark Arnold Picks On The Beatles is a song-by-song review by Comic Book and Animation Historian Mark Arnold of literally every song The Beatles ever recorded, both group and solo, released and unreleased.

The book features previously unpublished artwork by Bill Morrison (The Simpsons), who also drew the front cover, Jack Kirby (in a drawing presented by Kirby to Paul McCartney back in the 1970s), Patrick Owsley (Classic Media licensee artist) and many, many others.

Available from publisher in both paperback and hardcover

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Mark Arnold Picks on the Beatles
New"If You're Cracked You're Happy!"
"If You're Cracked You're Happy!"
Available in two volumes from
Amazon.comVol. 1 Amazon.comVol. 2

A remarkable and amusing retrospective of Cracked magazine, the best-selling humor magazine in the world . . . if you don't count Mad! The secret origins of the magazine, covering its history with former and future Mad and Marvel Comics contributors John Severin, Jack Davis, Don Martin, Bill Elder, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Al Jaffee, along with Cracked veterans Bill Ward, Don Orehek, George Gladir. Cracked was responsible for launching the careers of award-winning alternative cartoonists, including Dan Clowes, Peter Bagge, and Bob Fingerman. Crammed with creator interviews, rare photos and art, and a complete checklist of every issue! A must for comics fans and purveyors of popular media.

If You're Cracked You're Happy!
"Created and Produced by Total Television Productions--The Story of Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo and the Rest"

Available from .comNOW!.

Here at last is the real story of how TTV was formed! Inside you will find rare production artwork and storyboards, as well as reminiscences from TTV's founders.

"Mark Arnold is the guy who the other authorities on comic books and animated cartoons turn to when they're stumped for an obscure tidbit of pop cultural information; he always delivers the goods." - Scott Shaw, cartoonist

Total Televsion Productions
THFT #73 The Harveyville Fun Times! is now being edited and published by Ben Samuels. Please contact him for subscription information at:
Harvey Public Domain Cartoons The Harvey Public Domain Cartoons: 1945-1950 Compiled by Mark Arnold

17 cartoons now available on a single DVD!

Editorial Reviews
My first book "The Best of The Harveyville Fun Times!"
The Best of Harveyville Fun Times!
  • Front cover by Shelley Pleger ("Mickey Mouse, Shanda the Panda")
  • Back cover by Ernie Colón ("The 9/11 Report", "Richie Rich")
  • Forward by Tony Isabella ("Tony's Tips", Marvel Comics)
  • Edited by Mark Arnold ("Hogan's Alley", "ComicBase", "Atomic Mouse")
  • 400 pages! Full color covers! Complete Harvey Comics history!
  • Order your copy today!

Available from publisher in both paperback and hardcover

or contact me at for more information!

Paperback also available from Click for current price.

"THE HARVEYVILLE FUN TIMES: The place to go if you are hot for Little Dot or have an itch for Richie Rich."
Lee Hester, Lee's Comics

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