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Richie Rich,
the Poor Little Rich Boy
a.k.a. the Richest Kid in the World

Richie Rich French Comic Book

Richie Rich, the poor little rich boy made his debut as a backup feature in "Little Dot", in 1953. Although artist Warren Kremer and Harvey Editor Sid Jacobson both lay claim that they created the character (and in the case of Warren, named him after his son), the realities of the situation point to Harvey Comics founder, Alfred Harvey as Richie's creator, as early as the 1930s.

Richie regularly appeared with his friends, Freckles and Pee-Wee Friendly, his parents, Richard and Regina Rich, and his girlfriend, Gloria Glad. As in Archie Comics, the rival is named Reggie, but this Reggie is Richie's snobbish cousin, Reggie Van Dough. Other regulars like Cadbury, the perfect butler, did not appear until the 60s, and others later still.

Richie became a major Harvey star, but did not have his own title until 1960. Prior to that, he made two starring appearances in the "Harvey Hits" anthology series. After that, Richie made up for lost time by adding "Richie Rich Millions", "Richie Rich Dollars and Cents", etc. At one point in the 70s, Richie was starring in 32 different titles every two months! More issues and stories have published about Richie Rich than any other character, possibly in the entire history of comics books, with over 2000 issues to his credit.

The stories that first appeared had a humorous slant that poked fun at the Rich's immense wealth. As time went on, Richie's stories took a turn towards adventure, with some tales rivaling Carl Barks' Scrooge and Donald tales, for shear entertainment value.

Richie Rich did not appear in animated form until 1980, when Hanna-Barbera premiered "The Richie Rich Show". Currently, these cartoons are available on home video and appear on "Cartoon Network". In this series, the cartoons are fairly faithful to their comic book counterparts, except that Richie, Reggie and Gloria appear to be about 12 years old instead of 7 or 8 as in the comics. Also, Richie's trademark waistcoat and blue shorts are replaced by a red sweater with an "R" and full-length slacks.

In 1994, Macaulay Culkin starred in the live-action version of "Richie Rich". Though not a huge success at the box office, the film was fairly popular on home video. The movie also starred Jonathan Hyde and John Larroquette. A direct-to-video sequel movie with a different cast came out in 1998 called "Richie Rich, a Christmas Wish" and a third movie is in the works, "Richie Rich's Summer Camp".

Debuting on September 21, 1996 in syndication, Richie Rich recently starred in a new animated cartoon series, along with classic Herman and Katnip and Little Audrey cartoons. This series is a spin-off of "The Baby Huey Show", which aired from 1994-1996.

Along with Casper, Richie Rich is Harvey's most memorable and enduring character, appearing most recently in "The Harvey Magazine".

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Supporting features in most books featuring Little Lotta and Little Dot.

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First appearance: Little Dot #1, 9/53

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