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Little Lotta

Little Lotta
Little Lotta Plump first appeared in 1953 as a supporting feature for "Little Dot". Her obsession with food is equaled only by Dot's obsession with dots. The food, however, does not make Lotta an obese slob. Instead, the more Lotta eats, the stronger she becomes. Lotta has put her tremendous strength to good use and on more than one occasion, expressed her desire to join the Bonnie Dell Police Department, when she gets older.

Lotta has many friends. Besides Little Dot, she has joined in adventures featuring Richie Rich, Little Audrey and Gloria. She has a boyfriend named Gerald, who in many ways is Lotta's opposite. He is a diminutive boy with glasses that is not very strong and very shy. Lotta and Gerald have many adventures together and frequently have dressed up to imitate their favorite comic book hero, Flying Man. When dressed up, Lotta becomes "Leaping Lotta".

Lotta's initial popularity was strong enough that in 1955, she was awarded her own title. Overall, Lotta as a character was not popular enough to sustain additional titles as she only had one spin-off, "Little Lotta in Foodland". It was thought at one point that she also appeared in "Little Lotta Foodtown", but this claim turned out to be false.

Lotta has been penned by the versatile Warren Kremer and Howard Post, but for the majority of the years that she appeared in comics, she was drawn by Sid Couchy and Dom Sileo.

"Little Lotta" was published from 1955-1976, when Harvey's Richie Rich explosion took over. Lotta's book was canceled along with "Little Audrey", "Little Dot" and "Wendy", after 120 issues (issue #121 was advertised, but never issued). Lotta remained a supporting feature in the back of Richie Rich books until Harvey's demise in 1982. Upon Harvey's return in 1986, a proposed idea to have Lotta return as the drummer of a rock band with Little Audrey on guitar and Little Dot on vocals was shelved. So was an idea of having the three appear as teenagers and have adventures similar to Archie.

Currently, with Harvey Entertainment dormant on comic publishing, but she appeared in "The Harvey Magazine" and made her live-action debut in the direct-to-video release "Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure".

Bibliography of comics featuring Little Lotta:

  • Little Lotta
  • Little Lotta in Foodland

Supporting feature in most books starring Richie Rich and Little Dot.

Other appearances include:

  • Astrocomics
  • Casper and Friends
  • Harvey Collector's Comics
  • Harvey Hits
  • The Harvey Magazine
  • Little Max Comics
  • Mutt and Jeff's Jokes

First appearance: Little Dot #1, 9/53

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