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Spooky, the Tuff Little Ghost

Spooky has an interesting position within the Harvey World. He closely resembles Casper, barring the large black nose and derby, but his scaring abilities rival those of the Ghostly Trio. This creates an interesting combination in which Spooky can team-up with Casper or the Ghostly Trio, and on at least one occasion, Hot Stuff.

Stories for Spooky usually fall in predictable categories. For instance, Spooky frequently encounters "lands" where all the inhabitants are objects that come to life, such as bells or clocks. This same storyline occured frequently for Hot Stuff, as well, and no wonder, since the stories for both characters were both written and drawn by Howard Post. Post was responsible for most of Spooky's adventures, yet Warren Kremer tended to draw the covers.

Another recurring storyline involved Poil's (or Pearl's, if you prefer) efforts to get Spooky to stop his constant scaring. Spooky endlessly dreamed up sneaky ways to still scare but not look like he was the one doing it. These efforts were mainly drawn by Dom Sileo, although Post did do a few of these tales.

Spooky originally appeared in the Casper animated cartoons for Famous Paramount Studios. His character then was basically the same as now. Spooky gets into mischief scaring people and animals, while Casper tries to deter him. This of course, makes him want to spook even more. He also appeared in the later "New Casper Cartoon Show" with Casper and Wendy. His first appearance in comics was in "Casper, the Friendly Ghost" #10, in 1953.

Eventually, Spooky graduated to his own title in 1955, though he still played back-up to Casper. After a few spin-offs, Spooky reteamed with Casper in "Casper and Spooky", in 1973. But, by 1980, "Spooky" had breathed his last with issue #161.

Spooky briefly returned to comics in 1991-1993, but currently can be seen as part of Casper's FOX cartoon show, airing currently on Fox Family Channel. He's just as feisty as ever, especially with a made over Poil. He also appeared in "The Harvey Magazine" and on "The Harveytoon Show".

Bibliography of comics featuring Spooky:

  • Casper and Spooky
  • Spooky
  • Spooky Big Book
  • Spooky Digest
  • Spooky Giant Size
  • Spooky Haunted House
  • Spooky Spooktown
  • Tuff Ghosts

Supporting feature in most books starring Casper and Wendy.

Other appearances include:

  • Astrocomics
  • Harvey Collector's Comics
  • Harvey Hits
  • The Harvey Magazine

First appearance: Casper, the Friendly Ghost #10, 6/53

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