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Here is the latest news about Harvey! To receive up to the minute information, send me an e-mail requesting to be included on the Harvey Update.


Welcome to the new "Mark's Harvey Comics & Cartoons" web site. This web site supercedes the venerable "The Harveyville Fun Times!" web site.

Now you can download free Casper, Buzzy, Herman and Katnip and Little Audrey cartoons.

Mark Arnold is now authoring the Fun Ideas Blog. Get Fun Ideas Blog directly in your RSS reader with our RSS feed XML RSS Feed Logo Right click on the XML button. Click on "Copy Shortcut" (IE) or "Copy Link Location" (Firefox) to copy the RSS feed address to your Windows Clipboard. Open your RSS reader and paste the RSS feed address into the subscribe to new feed function.

New Casper collectibles added to available merchandise. Check them out now!


  • The Complete Harveytoons DVD Box Set is now available elsewhere on this website. Most, but not all of the Harveytoons are available on this 4-disc, double-sided set.


  • The Harvey characters except Sad Sack are currently licensed by Classic Media. Please contact them at for more information. Sad Sack is currently owned by Lorne-Harvey. Visit them at


  • All publishing has been suspended. The last regularly-published comics were issued in 1994. There is no news at present to reverse that decision. There was a book by Sid Jacobson in 2005 called "The Ultimate Casper Cartoon Collection" and another Casper book by Jerry Beck and Leslie Cabarga is due out in 2007 by Dark Horse. My book, "The Best of Mark's Harvey Comics & Cartoons" is also available now.


  • "Casper's Scare School" was supposed to be released to DVD, and then aired on Cartoon Network instead. There is supposed to be a sequel series in the works. All other projects have been put on hold.


  • Electric Tiki is offering a series of mini-maquette statues and Funko is offering bobbleheads of various characters. There are also a number of Casper and Hot Stuff merchandise items available through Dark Horse. Merchandising is slow, but things are released on a semi-regular basis.


  • Check out Richie Rich's Vault at for more information.

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