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Jackie Jokers

Jackie Jokers
Jackie Jokers was the last major Harvey World star. Initially, he was created for a revamped "Harvey Hits" title that was to debut in 1971. His original design was one of a kid with blond curly hair, sort of like Harpo Marx. The design was later used for Kool Katz, Jackie Jokers friend.

Jackie with brunette hair debuted in 1973 with the eponymous "Jackie Jokers" #1. Though there was great potential for the title, it quietly folded after four issues. This apparently was a sudden decision as material and advertising was created for the unpublished "Jackie Jokers" #5 and #6.

"Jackie Jokers" was replaced by the decidedly more successful "Richie Rich and Jackie Jokers". Issue #1 of this title utilized the unpublished material from "Jackie Jokers" #5 and #6, and despite appearing together on the cover of "Richie Rich and Jackie Jokers" #1, the two characters did not team up in a story until issue #2.

Jackie mainly appeared alone, but occasionally his similar-looking and named father appeared. (The main way to tell them apart is dad usually is shown smoking a pipe.) Most of Jackie's entertainment gigs are booked by the appropriately-named Ben Booker.

One ongoing feature of each series was a parody of a popular TV show or movie at the time with Jackie and cast recreating the roles. This was definitely a highlight of the series.

After "Richie Rich and Jackie Jokers" was canceled in 1982 with all of the other Richie spin-offs, Jackie has fallen into relative obscurity. However, Electric Tiki did produce a maquette statue of Jackie in 2002.

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