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Stumbo, the Giant

Despite his size, he is one of the most overlooked Harvey World characters to sport his own title. He was created as a supporting feature for "Hot Stuff" in 1957.

Little is known as to Stumbo's origins, excepting that he came from Giantland and now busies himslef looking after Tinytown. He regularly converses with Tinytown folk such as Officer O'Floodle.

Most of Stumbo's adventures concern how he eagerly tries to improve Tinytown by changing its location or changing the weather. Unfortunately for Stumbo, his well-meaning deeds usually backfire and Stumbo must return things as they were.

Occasionally, Stumbo is at odds with the villainous Dr. Cesspool, who is constantly trying to rid Tinytown of Stumbo so that he can rule over Tinytown, but his plans always fail.

Stumbo has not been exploited by Harvey, even though he is a thoroughly enjoyable character, created by Warren Kremer. Stories are in the same vein as Baby Huey's. Ironically, issues bearing his name command a higher price than average for other Harvey World characters in "The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide". It would be nice to see Stumbo in an animated cartoon or receiving the exposure that he richly deserves, but he did appear recently in both "Casper and Friends" and "The Harvey Magazine".

Bibliography of comics featuring Stumbo:

  • Stumbo Tinytown

Supporting feature in most books starring Hot Stuff.

Other appearances include:

  • Casper and Friends
  • Harvey Flip-Book
  • Harvey Hits
  • The Harvey Magazine

First appearance: Hot Stuff #3, 2/58

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